Terms & Privacy

Our company will propel in following efforts below to keep personal information well secured as important social responsibility.

Personal information are recognized as information to the living personal (name, date of birth, or other information that can be identified), and also any information related to specific personal that can be used such as E-mail address, user ID, password, hobby that can be identified as personal information, family structure, age, etc.

As importance of personal information or educational activity to our employee, we will put chief administrator in charge and keep personal information in appropriate way.

  1. 業務上必要な範囲に限定して適切な手段で個人情報を収集します。収集時には利用、提供及び預託の目的、お客様に対する窓口を明確にするとともに業務実態に応じた個人情報の適切な管理に努めます。
  2. 個人情報は、法律に基づく命令等を除いて、収集時に承諾を得た範囲外の利用、提供はしません。
  3. 個人情報への不正アクセス、個人情報の紛失、破壊、改ざん、漏えいなどの予防並びに是正に関する適切な措置を講じます。
  4. We will make contract or supervise/manage to contractor to use of information, offer, security under the  個人情報を扱う業務を他の会社に委託する場合、個人情報を収集するときの承諾に基づく利用、提供、安全管理を守るように、委託先に対する適切な契約や指導・管理をします。
  5. We will immediately, in a reasonable range, disclose, correct, and delete personal information if one requested to do so.
  6. Under the Japanese law to the protection of personal information and any other rule, we will observe them, keep reviewing policy contents and improve them.

If you have any questions about our personal information securing policy, please contact us from contact form.

Made in 2012/6/1