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Company NameBeGoodJapan.ltd
EstablishedJune 22, 2006
CEORepresentative Director Agata Ito
Address 162F Hillside Kagurazaka, 0825-3 ,6-10 , Kagurazaka2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-5206-3303
FAX 03-5206-3233
Business activities Share house business (development, operation, customer service), University international exchange dormitory, Sublease business with furniture and home appliances (sublease of properties from major management companies)
Member group National Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Guaranty Association, Tokyo Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Association
Real estate agent numberGovernor of Tokyo (4) No. 89408
Private lodging management company numberMinister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (01) No. F00081
Registration support organization registration number20-004088
AwardsReceived the Excellence Award (prize money of 18 million yen) at the 300 Tokyo Student Entrepreneur Championship
Related companyFLAT SHARE Ltd.
JPTIP Co., Ltd.
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July 2006Tokyo Metropolitan Government 18 Student Entrepreneur Championship Excellence Award (300 million yen prize)
July 2006Established B-Good Japan Co., Ltd. (in Ichiyata-cho, Shinjuku-ku)
July 2007Started providing rental housing with furniture and home appliances *Including family-type rental properties converted into share houses
July 2007 Start of operation of share house type dormitory (288 room large dormitory: Tokyo Tech Nagatsuta House)
July 2008Office relocation (Ichigaya Tamachi→Iidabashi)
July 2009Start of operation of one share house (MAXIS SHARE HOUSE Honancho)
July 2009 Acceptance from Taiwan study abroad agent started
July 2010Office relocation (Iidabashi → Akihabara)
July 2011Established Flatshare Co., Ltd. (a joint venture with a Taiwanese agent)
July 2012Started accepting students from Swedish study abroad agents
July 2013Office relocation (Akihabara→Iidabashi)
July 2014Acceptance from Hong Kong study abroad agents started
July 2016Start of acceptance from Thai study abroad agent
July 2017Office relocation (Iidabashi → Kagurazaka)
July 2017Started accepting students from Waseda University
July 2018Started accepting students from the University of Tokyo and European study abroad agents
July 2019Started accepting students from Sophia University
July 2019Started accepting students from Meiji University
July 2019Business tie-up with Forth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. (recruitment support for highly skilled foreign workers)
July 2020Registered with a registration support organization, registration number 20-004088