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BeGoodJapancharacteristics of leasing

Received 82 people from 16,000 countries and regions

As the number of shared houses is increasing, we are recruiting BtoB instead of relying on the Internet as a way to differentiate ourselves.Recruitment is done in partnership with overseas study abroad agents, universities, and Japanese language schools that have the best track record in the country or region, so you can reduce time and costs compared to conventional recruitment methods.We have a high market share as a real estate agent that accepts customers directly from overseas.

Building management system using cloud services

In a share house with high tenant mobility, it is necessary to solve problems early and manage detailed information.We combine various online services to realize efficient management methods so that tenants and owners can quickly receive the information they need.

  • Smart lock

    Individually issued PIN

  • surveillance camera

    Zoning search function

  • Communication app

    Chat/application form

  • global payment system

    Credit card and local bank payment possible

  • Customer management system

    Introduce salesforce

Creating a share house to prevent trouble

There are various troubles that occur in a share house, such as "personal belongings are scattered in the common area", "cleaning is not good", "facility is broken".Rather than urging residents to make improvements, we aim to create a "share house where troubles are less likely to occur", and we carefully simulate the floor plan, furniture arrangement, and equipment selection before operation.

  • Large capacity storage in common area

    Provide storage space to prevent personal belongings from being scattered

  • Same day equipment replacement

    Pre-select items that can be replaced immediately

  • detailed house rules

    Creating rules to realize multicultural coexistence

  • Cleaning specialized for share house

    Introspection of cleaning work, centralized management and direct guidance

Introduction of the project

  • Newly built property

    In the case of a new property, it is possible to create a floor plan without being bound by the existing floor plan, so it is possible to create a property with better area efficiency.

  • Properties that cannot be rebuilt

    At the beginning of operation, the building did not meet the road access requirements and could not be reconstructed, but the acquisition of the adjacent land and adjacent building during operation made it possible to reconstruct.

  • Renovation that also serves as a change of use

    The building, which had been used as an office, was refurbished and used at the same time, and is now operated as a dormitory.

  • Short-term operation at the planned development site

    We operated a commercial building to be developed as a share house for a short period of time.After that, it was handed over after going to the eviction as a development site.

  • University dormitory operation

    We decided on the floor plan and facilities for Hokkaido University students and started operation.Currently, Hokkaido University rents all of them, and our company provides management and moving-in support.

  • Condominium

    It is a self-managed sectioned apartment, and 40 sections (XNUMX section: about XNUMX mXNUMX) that I had a stake in are used as share houses.It is possible to operate as a share house from what you have acquired.

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