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Flat Share NARIMASU Campus

Operator comment

★★Three words to express BeGood★★
① Management ability
Each property has a person in charge of management and a sub-person in charge, so it is easy to consult when you have a problem!
② Cleanliness
In addition to regular cleaning every week, we are thoroughly creating an environment where you can spend a comfortable time by writing down the rules!
③International exchange
Cooperate with multiple national and private universities in Tokyo such as Sophia and Meiji & cooperate with study abroad agents in each country!
More than 7% of our customers are foreign nationals.

[~English okay/可中文對應~] [Opened on September 2017, 9! ★New construction】
When people hear Narimasu, they often think of Saitama.In terms of location, it is right on the prefectural border of Saitama, but it is a genuine Itabashi Ward.And it boasts outstanding convenience that does not match the distance.
If you use the Tobu Tojo Line, you can go directly to Ikebukuro Station in about 10 minutes, and if you use the Fukutoshin Line, you can go to Shinjuku and Shibuya in one line.
Perhaps because of its top-class convenience, it has a track record of being ranked number one in the 23 wards' secret spot ranking!
Furthermore, when you get off the station, you will be satisfied with the shopping environment.Large supermarkets Seiyu and Daiei also have shopping streets, which is great for self-catering groups.
As it is a little-known spot, many young people live alone, and it is a safe city.
Once you pass through the bustle of the station, you will find yourself in a quiet residential area.The area around the share house is also very quiet despite being a 6-minute walk from the station.
The property with a large bicycle parking lot that students will be happy with is a newly built share house based on white.
All rooms have different wallpaper, so please find your favorite when you visit!
★Several times a year, there are joint events for all share houses.International exchange, of course, you can make a lot of friends!

Initial cost discount campaign in progress! !


Tobu Tojo Line Narimasu Station 5 minutes on foot

Metro Fukutoshin Line, Metro Yurakucho Line Subway Narimasu Station 8 minutes on foot

Metro Fukutoshin Line, Metro Yurakucho Line Subway Akatsuka Station 17 minutes on foot

Surrounding facilities

Convenience store 1 minute walk from Lawson Narimasu XNUMX-chome
Supermarket Daiei Narimasu store 7 minutes on foot


Style patrol once a month
cleaning Regular cleaning: Twice a week (cleaning company)
Rules Smoking is not allowed on the premises, advance notice is required for friends staying, and it is the turn of the residents to take out the trash in the common areas.

Shared facility

Lounge Yes 1 shared TV.1 shared kitchen.With foliage plants.
bathroom XNUMX shower rooms
Washing machine 3 units
Internet Wireless Wifi is available in the living room, each floor, and all rooms! , Wired LAN in all rooms

Flat Share NARIMASU Campus

Tobu Railway Tojo Main Line Narimasu 5 minutes
Other 2 stations available


¥57,000 to ¥68,000

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