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★★Three words to express BeGood★★
① Management ability
Each property has a person in charge of management and a sub-person in charge, so it is easy to consult when you have a problem!
② Cleanliness
In addition to regular cleaning every week, we are thoroughly creating an environment where you can spend a comfortable time by writing down the rules!
③International exchange
Cooperate with multiple national and private universities in Tokyo such as Sophia and Meiji & cooperate with study abroad agents in each country!
More than 7% of our customers are foreign nationals.

[~English okay/可中文對應~] [Opening in mid-September 2019]
This time, we opened a share house in Osaka!
The property is located a 3-minute walk from Ebisucho Station on the Sakaisuji Line.
In addition, if you walk about 10 minutes, you can also use the loop line and Midosuji line.
Shared spaces such as the living room, kitchen, shower, toilet, and washing machine are all on the 1st floor, and there are 1 rooms in total, 2 rooms once and 2 rooms on the 5nd floor.Each room also has its own personal refrigerator.

Japanese students who want to have international exchanges and students from neighboring Japanese language schools are welcome!
Would you like to experience international exchange in a cozy share house?
Please feel free to contact us.

★Several times a year, there are joint events for all share houses!International exchange, of course, you can make a lot of friends!

Initial cost campaign underway! ! ! Please contact us for details.


3 minutes walk from Ebisucho Station on the OsakaMetro Sakaisuji Line

Hankai Electric Tramway Hankai Line Shin-Imamiya Ekimae Station 9 minutes walk

Surrounding facilities

Convenience store


Style tour
cleaning Regular cleaning: Twice a week (cleaning company)
Rules Smoking is not allowed on the premises, advance notice is required for friends staying, and it is the turn of the residents to take out the trash in the common areas.

Shared facility

Lounge Yes
bathroom 2 shower rooms
Washing machine 2 dryers available (free)
Internet Wireless Wi-Fi available on each floor!Wired LAN in all rooms

BeGood Namba Ebisu

Sakaisuji Line Ebisucho 5 minutes
Hankai Tramway Hankai Line Ebisucho 5 minutes


¥47,000 to ¥53,000

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