Wooden detached hidden share house

Be Good Oojima

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Owner comment

Share house is located at Ojima, Koto-ku.
This place is not really famous, but Ojima is good place for living in Koto-ku.
You can see it when you get out from station, there are no fashionable cafe….
Reason why this place good is because of access and safe place to live. 
You can go to Shinjuku in 17 mins by taking express train, you can go to Kinshicho by bus. There supermarket, convenience store, restaurants, etc. around the station and famous shopping street for locals.
When you walk towards the Higashi-Ojima Station, there is bigger supermarket. You can get almost everything around here for living. Also there are police station, fire station, hospitals, etc. so very popular for family.

Share house is located 6 mins from Ojima Station by walking. This share house is in very local place.
There are only 6 rooms in share house and it seems very small, but we put most of our energy into facility so we think it is comfortable for everyone.

For the first time living in share house or 2nd time or more, we wish to have a good memories. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
★We have a party for everyone who live in our share house couple times a year. You may make many friends from all over the country.

Male OK、Female OK、Foreigner OK

To apply for share house, you'll need following things below.

【For Japanese】
・Personal Identification
・Registered Seal Certificate
・Emergency contact

【For foreigner】
・Residence card
・Emergency contact (person who lives in Japan)


6mins walk to Toei Shinjuku Line Ojima Station

Surrounding Facilities

Convenience store5mins walk to LAWSON
Supermarket2mins walk to mini Piago
Other3mins to post office


StyleStaff will visit 1/week
CleaningCleaning staff will visit 1/week
RuleNo smoking, must inform BGJ for guest staying in advance, taking turns to throw away garbage.

Shared area

LoungeTV, kitchen ※DVD, CATV
Bathroom1 shower room (unisex)
Toilet2 western style toilet (unisex) ※washlet, seat heating system
Washing machine1 washing machine
InternetCable and Wi-Fi (free)
OtherEntrance is auto-lock.


For more information


Contact by Email

Office hour 10:00~19:00 (closed on Sunday and Holiday)