Be Good Ikebukurohoncho From Taiwan Working Holiday

Q1. Why you chose share house?
I chose share house is because there are many people from many country and I would like to improve my Japanese and English skill.

Q2. Why you chose BeGood Ikebukurohoncho?
I wanted to live in a place where it have good access and good place to live. When I was looking for it on internet and Itabashi came up as recommendation place for living. I chose this share house when I actually visited here. You may use 2 train lines other than JR Line so very convenient to go everywhere.
There are 2 supermarkets and many convenience store near share house. Also you can go to Ikebukuro Station just 30 mins walk!

Q3. How was your impression to live in this share house for 8 month?
Access was very good and you may go to most of places without changing trains. If you have to, it is not difficult.
You may hear trains because share house is very close to station, but you will get use to it. Train will not be running when you go to bed at night, so you don’t have to worry about getting less sleep.

Q4. It seems everyone in this share house are really good friends! What is the biggest earning?
Everyone in this share house is like one big family! One of my best delighted thing was everyone listened to my trouble that I had when I got home. I thought living in Tokyo was very tough and feel alone, but I always wanted to live in Tokyo so I chose here. I like Japanese musician “YUI”, and I like her song, “TOKYO”. She sings this song with her guitar and tears in her eyes. When I was thinking about that song, it made me feel sad. But when I got here, everyone is very kind, helping each other, exchanging information about many country where they went as travel. Everyone has their own troubles like me, but when you talk to other residents, they’ll give you many advice. You can feel very warm and not alone.

My biggest earning is I learned many ways of thinking throughout my room mate. I think this is very important experience. For example, I learned from people, who are living in overseas, to challenge to your dreams without giving up because of your age. It made me wanted go around the world and expand my views not only in Taiwan but to many country.  

And also, you may eat many foods from many country. My cooking skill went very high and when I looked at new recipe, I wanted to cook for them. It is very fun! 

Q5. What is the good and bad point of living in share house?
I love to sing and I was singing everyday at my house in Taiwan lol. But I can’t bother other residents, so my bad point is I can’t sing in my room. I’m singing on my way back to share house, but I’ll be quiet when I get home.

On other hand, there are may good point. For example, we share things such as seasoning for food and save money. Also you can get information of other country by communicating with them and can eat food from their country. Like I said before, when I have trouble, I always can knock my neighbor’s door and feel “I’m not alone!”.

Q6. Do you have any words to people who are planning to come to Japan?
I came to Japan as working holiday this time. I was preparing to work hard before I came to Japan, so I could work hard everyday! I had a hard time when I was living in Osaka last time. I didn’t had a fun everyday, but I don’t regret it. I earned many things and my dream became true! 

If you have chance to come to Japan, please get lots of information and come to Japan when your Japanese skill get higher, because I think you can enjoy living everyday and get deep Japanese cultural experience during your limited time in Japan. Please enjoy every moments! 

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