Flat Share WASEDA Campus Sisters from Taiwan Studying Abroad

Q.  What made you look for a share house?
We look for a share house because we can interact with people from other country. We didn’t had much interaction from a share house we lived before. I think it is really good to have furniture in our room. We were looking for a share house where both of us can live.

Q. Why you chose Flat Share WASEDA Campus?
We chose here because share house was close to school so no transporting fee and share house was very clean. There are convenience store, post office, and restaurants near share house too.

Q. What do you feel living in this share house?
Ms. K: Everyone gather up to have conversation in living room at night and it is really fun. Other residents are very                  funny!
Ms. Y: Share house staff is very kind lol.

Q. What is good and bad point of  Flat Share WASEDA Campus? What is your recommendation?

・Good point
Ms. K
First of all, you can interact with many people. And also you don’t have to but furniture. I live only a year so I’ll have trouble to throw away those furniture if I buy those. Water, electricity, gas, and internet come with it too.


Ms. Y
If there is any problem, there will be housemate so you don’t have to worry about security problem and feel safe. When you lost your key, staff will help you when you call them.

 ・Bad point
Ms. K
I feel rent fee is expensive because water, electricity, gas, and internet fees are included lol. I don’t know if I can call this a bad point or I may have to deal with, but you can hear people walking since there are only 10 rooms.

Ms. K: You may interact with people from other country and funny people in BGJ share house. There are Chinese, Malaysian, French, and American are living now and they are talking in English or Japanese so you can learn language.

Q. You didn’t think about living by yourself?
Ms. K: I was thinking about it, but there are no furniture in apartment and I have to prepare it. I chose Flat Share WASEDA Campus to lower my initial cost payment.

Q. What is your most memorable things?
Ms. Y: I had a many luggage when I came from Taiwan, but housemate helped me. I thought everyone in this share house is very kind. 

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