Flat Share KOIWA Campus II from Korea working in video game developing company

Q Why you came to Japan?

Now, I’m working in video game company.I like Japanese video game and wanted to work in a Japanese video game company. I had to study Japanese to work there, so I took Japanese class when I was in Korea. I worked in Korea after I graduated college, but when I was 25, I got promoted by Japanese video game company so that’s why I came to Japan.


Q Why you chose share house?

I don’t want to feel being lonely in my house. I used to live in dorm, but I have to think about other things if I live in a share house. Also I feel stressful about all paper works and payment changes every month. So I had good image about share house.


Q Why you chose Flat Share KOIWA Campus II?

My company introduced me BeGood Japan when I got promoted. I received the consulting by using Skype from Korea to Japan and I thought Flat Share KOIWA Campus is the best. Also I had to know more international way of thinking to work in Japanese company so I chose BeGood Japan. Rent fee was in my budget and seems like my dorm from college.


Q Did you get used living in Flat Share KOIWA Campus II? What do you think living here?

Yes, I got used to it. Like I said before, I used live in a dorm when I was in a college and since there are many people from many country, so I like it.


Q Are there any difference from your imagination about share house?

Everyone living in BeGood Japan’s share house is young! I mean in a good way. From my job, I have to know how young people like and thinking.


Q What is the good and bad point about share house?

【Good point】

Many cultural exchange is the best point. There are Japanese, Taiwanese, Swedish, Indonesian, etc. living in BeGood Japan’s share house, so I get to know their values and cultural food.

【Bad point】

Garbage duty and separating garbage is the bad point of course lol. Also shower room and toilet is occupied sometimes when I want use.


Q What is your recommendation point about Flat Share KOIWA Campus I and II?

【Flat Share KOIWA Campus I】

・Kitchen and living room is big

・Shower room and washstand is big

・Very useful facilities

・I don’t have to always open heavy doors

【Flat Share KOIWA Campus II】 

・I can see lobby

・Interior is good

・1st floor is not in a ground (not half basement) so no mold

【Where do you look?】

I look if room is separated or far from water area such as kitchen and shower room. BeGood Japan’s staff will work fast if there’s any trouble on a facility, so trouble will not come to my room.


Q Are there any advice to people who are going to start living in share house?

To enjoy share house life, go to shared area very often. You’ll have many chances to watch TV, cooking, and drinking with them, so you’ll get to know values and earn international ways of thinking.


Q Are there any most memorable thing from share house?

Swedish share mate invited his Indonesian friend to our share house and his friend was my junior from my college in Oita. I was learning Indonesian language too, so I was surprised. 

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