Flat Share KOIWA Campus II Taiwanese


Q Why you came to Japan?

I went to school for a year to study Japanese and studied by myself when I was in Taiwan, but I thought that is not enough. I thought I can extend my Japanese skill more if I live and work in Japan, so that’s why I came to Japan.


Q What made you look for a share house?

Rent fee is much cheaper than living in an apartment by myself. And I also thought it would be difficult to make friends. But if I live in share house, I can make friends easily between house mates.

There are lots of people living in share house including Taiwanese, so I feel like I’m in my home country. I meet with other residents, who are using kitchen often, but there are more residents I still don’t meet.

Since I’m not good at English, I’m having trouble talking to English speaker. We can only say 「good morning (おはよう)」,「good afternoon (こんばんは)」 or easy communications.

It’s hard to study Japanese for me, so it is very hard to study English from now also.


Q Why you chose this share house?

Reason why I chose this share house is because I like anime and Akihabara. Akihabara is located only 15mins by train from Koiwa so I chose here.

I go to Akihabara very often. There are many kinds of shops and go there when I have time. Since I don’t have a job yet, so I go to Akihabara for a job interview.


Q What is the good and bad point about share house?

This is my first time living in a share house, so I don’t know what to say. Good point is everything in this share house is clean. There is kitchen, stove, oven, microwave, etc. that everyone can use.

Bad point is washing machine is only located on a 2nd floor and shower room in located only in 1st floor. Those things are squeezed in its location. I think it would be better for us to have toilet, shower room, washing machine, etc. on each floor.


Q What is your recommendation about this share house?

I think it’s close to Akihabara is the #1 recommendation. If you like anime, please come!! Also, there are many Taiwanese so I felt safer and better because I was very nervous for the first time in Japan. It just like I’m home country. When first time I came to share house, other house mate guided me around the station and supermarket. We can exchange many kinds of information such as good place for a sightseeing. There are about half of residents in this share house are Taiwanese, but there are people from Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Sweden, etc. even Japanese are living so good place to meet people from other country.


Q What do you like about Japan?

I like its atmosphere over all. City and buildings are clean so good place to live. I’m planning to live in Japan for a year, but I would like to live longer so I have to find a job.


Q Any words for those who are coming to Japan?

Everyone is very kind, so I think more people should come Japan!

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