Flat Share NAKANO Campus From Sweden Study Abroad

Q1 What made you look for share house?
I was already interested in Japanese culture, and I love Japanese temple, scenery, and Kimono very much.
Samurai is very cool and I’m interested in everything that are “The Japan!!”, so I decided to go to Japan to learn Japanese and experience them.
From those reasons, I had a chance from studying abroad agent, BlueBerry in Sweden, and applied Japanese language school in Shin-Okubo so that made me look for share house.
I was looking for a share house that is close to school and have good living environment, so I moved around 3 times. I asked BeGood Japan to look for new share house 3 times.

Q2 Why you chose Flat Share NAKANO Campus?
I chose this share house because rent fee is cheaper than other area and convenient for living.
When I came to Japan for a first time, studying abroad agent in Sweden, BlueBerry, introduced share house in Honancho, MAXIS Share House, and lived there. Not Flat Share NAKANO Campus.
That share house is really big, bigger space, and have big supermarket near share house. But I had to change trains many times to go to school and my neighbor is very loud so I decided to move out. I moved to one room in Shin-Koenji, but building was old and there were no shops near building so I decided to move out again.
I looked Flat Share NAKANO Campus and thought it fits me so I chose this share house.

Q3 What do you feel living in Flat Share NAKANO Campus?
I love town of Nakano. There are many young people and lots of convenience stores and restaurants so I think good place to live. Town atmosphere is good too.
Although rent fee is cheap or no big difference comparing to MAXIS Share House, which I lived for a first time, I like this share house more.
Also, people in Flat Share Nakano Campus is very good people and it is very fun to live with them.

Q4 What is the good point of share house?
One thing that I can think of is, there are other people living in same house and very fun. Can’t experience if you live by yourself. Also you can make friends from many country.
People in Flat Share NAKANO Campus have really good friendship and we go out to eat and drink many times.
Japanese are living here too so you can improve your Japanese more. I only can speak daily conversation but I think I improved my Japanese more than before I came here.
Also, I asked Japanese share mate about Japanese that I don’t know. So I think that is good point about share house and big difference comparing living by yourself in one room.

Q4 What is the most memorable things living in share house?
There are many things and it is hard to choose, but I think I met many people from many country is the most.
Especially living with people from Asia, I learned how they live and cook. Since I’m living with them, I can hear their language and see their life styles. In terms of food, I only can eat its food in Japanese or Chinese restaurant in Sweden. Therefore, I didn’t know what Japanese people eat daily. I like Asian food, so in terms of learning Japanese culture, I had a good experience. 

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