FlatShare KOIWA Campus Ⅰ from Taiwan Working Holiday

Q What made you look for a share house?

I asked for help to look for my room to studying abroad agent in Taiwan, because I had a chance to go to Japan as Working Holiday.

I was little bit nervous living by myself at that time, so I wanted to live in share house where many Taiwanese live.


Reason why I look for my room through studying abroad agent is because I used to study Japanese there. My Japanese skill is not so good at first time, so I felt I need assistance of BGJ staff and staff from agent.


Q Why you chose Flat Share KOIWA Campus?

I was looking for cheapest place because I didn’t have enough money. Flat Share KOIWA Campus is cheaper than another share house. I never look for room by myself, but agent staff introduced me that BGJ’s Flat Share KOIWA Campus is cheap.


Q What do you feel living in share house?

Actually, living here, I made many friends from other country such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. so I think it’s good.

You know when you get home, you don’t want to speak Japanese because you have to use Japanese while working. When I feel like that, I can speak Chinese with my friends in share house and I feel I’m at home.


I’ll be alone if I live by myself, and I think I only can speak Japanese, so I think share house really good for me.


Q What is good and bad point about share house?

There are couple of good things.

1st good thing is, like I said before, there are lots of people from my country. I’ve living here for about 2 years and I’ve seen many people moving in and out so I made more than 30 friends. I don’t feel lonely.


2nd good thing is utility fee is cheap. I can pay it with my rent fee and its fixed amount. Also, I don’t have to worry about going to convenience store every month to pay it.


3rd good thing is that I can have my private room in share house. Kitchen, living room, and shower is shared but I can feel like living by myself. I can be alone sometimes if I feel like it. I can talk and be with others if I go to living room.


Bad thing is about 80% is Taiwanese.

When I get home, I can speak Chinese is good but less chance of speaking Japanese is not good. Now, I can speak lots of Japanese at work so there’s no problem for me, but if I didn’t have a job, I couldn’t speak Japanese well living in Japan.

But, there is sometimes Japanese people live in share house so there’s chance to speak lots of Japanese. So, I don’t feel like there’s any bad point.


Q What is your recommendation about Flat Share KOIWA Campus?

Rent fee is fixed every month and not so crowded around Koiwa.

Koiwa is not like Shinjuku, where many people walking so you will not hate this place. It is quiet outside during night so you can get good sleep, it’s not so far from station by walking so I’ll recommend

There are lots of people from my country and you can practice Japanese with people from other country so I’ll recommend also.


Q Did you think about living by yourself?

I haven’t thought about it while living, but I can feel like living by myself when I get back to my room. Well, I can invite girlfriend more easily if I actually live by myself lol.

I was thinking about it at first time, but if I moved, I have to pay lots of money such as initial cost or furniture. I thought it would be difficult to pay it at once and I might feel very lonely by share house living from living alone so I quit.


Q What is your most memorable happening?

When colleague from my work place visited share house, we all drink together and he started liking Taiwan. On other day, he went to Taiwan by him self lol. Former resident from share house guided around Taiwan. I think this is very nice. He didn’t know much about Taiwan, but he learned about Taiwan through us. He couldn’t eat Taiwanese food, but he can eat now through us. Also, I’m working in hotel related job, there are many people from other country as customer. I get to know about other country throughout my job and share house life.

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