Flat Share OKUBO Campus From France Study Abroad

Q1. What made you look for a share house?
I was looking for a share house because I apply for Japanese school in Tokyo and it was in Takadanobaba, so I needed somewhere to sleep physically and so I was looking for something like share house or dormitory.

Q2. Why you chose Flat Share OKUBO Campus?
Actually my school gave me a lot of information about different share house and I find Flat Share OKUBO Campus is really convenient because everything is close like Shinjuku and very close to Shin-Okubo Station. Everything is close so I don’t need to take train. I walk all the time so I don’t really waste money to ride train so it is very nice.

Q3. What do you feel living in share house?
Share house is really nice. Its bit expensive but everything is close so you don’t really need to pay for train. We have good stuff like beautiful view so I really like it. Everything in share house is pretty nice. Bedroom is bit small but actually it’s okay. I’m not really in a bedroom; I’m in living room and kitchen more.

Q4. Good and bad point of share house and recommendation point of Flat Share OKUBO Campus
Good point is you can meet lots of people and you can hear lots of talk about different country so it is really nice to know how people from different country think. You can have really good time together and you can meet with good friend.
Bad point is in my share house, there are many people so sometimes it is bit dirty but it’s okay.
I found really nice share house because there are lots of nationality so if even less Japanese living, you can still try to talk with them English and they will understand. So it is really nice to have a share house to know other people.

Recommendation point of Flat Share OKUBO Campus is there are many people from many country living and everyone can speak English so communication is very fun. We have just only few Japanese now lol. 

So “International” is the recommendation point of Flat Share OKUBO Campus.

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