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Q Why you came to Japan?

I came to Japan for studying Japanese. I lived for about 9 months.


Q What made you come to Japan?

  I always wanted to study abroad if I had money and time. I chose Japan when I visited Japan with my family. When I’m traveling around Japan, I thought everything was very nice. People are very kind, great view or culture is very nice too.


Q What is the reason of choosing share house?

  I was living with my family before I came to Japan, and I thought it would be very tough to live by myself. I thought share house is like between living by myself and living with family.

I think home stay is very good, but I only found place where its location is far from my school. This share house is located at 15mins away by train so I chose this share house.


Q How was the share house life?

  I think it was very nice. I don’t have any complains. People are very kind, shared space are cleaned, and my room was very good.

There is no bad point. If I had to come up with bad point, I think mosquito. Mosquito came into share house and bit me. I got bitten more than when I was in Denmark. I think my blood was good for them, so I god bitten a lot. lol


Q What is your most memorable things in share house?

  Since share house size is not too big, all share house residents gather up in living room and had some dinner and drinking. Everyone is working or had school, but we cooked together when we had time.


Q Did you cook?

  I think I cooked more when I was in Denmark. Vegetables are more expensive than Denmark. I thought it would be cheaper to eat at restaurant, so I didn’t cook every day.


Q Did you make Japanese friends?

  Of course! I made some Japanese friends in share house and sometimes I invite other Japanese to share house and talked in Japanese for an hour. After that, we went to restaurant and had some dinner or contact with them by LINE or Facebook.

Q Before you go back, are there anything that you couldn’t do in Japan?

  I really wanted to travel around Japan. I was in Tokyo most of the time. I went to Shizuoka with my friends once riding car and got close to Mt. Fuji, but I wanted to go another place such as Kyoto. I couldn’t go because of money…. I would like to come back to Japan and go to many places next time.


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